Klassische Massage

This type of massage involves alternating kneading, circling, springing and wringing.

This has an effect on the muscles, skin, blood circulation and lymphatic vessels and leads not only to relaxation, but also to the experience that the muscles become more elastic and efficient at the same time. This build-up of efficiency ensures that tensions occur less frequently.

Massage is applied as a full or partial body treatment. A full body massage includes all body regions. That means back, shoulders, neck, arms, hands, legs and feet are massaged.

Suitable for athletes who want to prevent muscle soreness. For desk workers who experience chronic tension and for all those who need a blood circulation stimulating; intensive sports massage before or after strength/endurance training, the job or a tiring time. In this treatment, we activate the blood criesYstem to also stimulate joint fluid, perform passive stretches and stretching strokes, and treat connective tissue and muscles through vibration and tapping. *The pure and maximum duration of application with the massage gun is, depending on the intensity and booking time: 10-20 min per treatment* *For skin circulation and to prevent tension and cramps, we use arnica oil in this therapy.

This form of massage takes into account the muscle groups that are highly stressed by sports activities, reduces pain, allows injuries to heal faster and increases well-being.

Sports massages are suitable not only for athletes, but also for people who are physically stressed in their professional and everyday life.

Because it brings:

- Fitness for the muscles

- Relaxation of overstretched and cramped muscles

- Stimulation of understrained muscles and tissues

- Improvement of blood circulation and oxygen supply

Schröpfen ist ein sehr altes Therapieverfahren, bei dem in einem begrenzten Hautareal ein Unterdruck erzeugt wird. Dadurch wird die Haut in den Schröpfkopf - meist ein Glas oder eine Glocke - gesaugt. Dies fördert die Durchblutung und verbessert damit Stoffwechsel und Lymphfluss der betroffenen Körperregion. Nicht nur in der traditionellen chinesischen Medizin, sondern auch im europäischen Mittelalter wurde Schröpfen bereits zur Linderung unterschiedlichster Probleme eingesetzt. Später wurde die Technik des Schröpfens im Wellnessbereich zur Schröpfkopf-Massage weiterentwickelt.

Traditional Marma massage is a full body massage with warm oil. Through light pressure, the Marma points and the corresponding internal organs are positively stimulated. The 107 Marmas are vital points and are considered the seat of life. Through the specific treatment of certain Marmas, health can be strengthened: Marma massage counteracts the aging process, helps with fatigue and exhaustion, reduces nervous system disorders, relieves stress, supports metabolism and promotes energy flow. It increases the power of performance and strengthens the immune syste

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